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My programming skills

Software development

Over 7 years, I am dedicated to the custom development

I participated in developing a few startups leveraging Artificial Intelligence past 3 years, our products are being used in insurance companies ie. Generali Česká pojišťovna. I have also participated in the development of a mobile application for one of the most successful startups for the year 2020. Stavario.com Or high-end money managing application Spendee.com with milions of users world-wide



Graphic Design



React Native


My Experiences

I earned plenty of experience in digital world since the year 2016
Graphic design

One of the largest casinos in Czech Republic Grand Casino Aš has been using my services as a graphic designer over the past 5+ years.

Mobile applications

Together with S9Y.ai for our significant clients, we built multiple incredible applications for mobile devices where I was a leading developer.

Custom Software

In the field of software development, my biggest product is a poker tournament manager, that has been running in a few casinos across the Czech Republic, and is used on daily basis since the year 2017. In the pipeline, there is a huge expansion to the world marketplace until the year 2024 at the latest.

Unique business websites

Developing custom websites has been my passion since I was 15 years old, and discovered the beauty of the entire process. I can't even count how many websites have gone through my hands. From business single-page websites through e-commerce, affiliate portal for travelers, and neat websites for hotel owners to e-sports portals for earning money playing games.


Some of the websites and applications I recently worked on

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